INJA Celebrates 26th World Press Freedom Day Globally


 INJA Celebrates 26th World Press Freedom Day Globally

Washington D.C. May 3, 2019:

International Nepali Journalists (INJA) celebrates 26th World Press Freedom Day. The day of the press freedom was themed, “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation”.On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2019, INJA lounged specific video messages using digital tools at a same time, worldwide. 

Videos displayed in the program included the messages from numerous media participants.  The media personalities and high officials, expressed their messages to the journalists of the worldwide on the occasion for 26th world press freedom day. INJA has provided the video message to Mr. George Pagiannis, Chief of Media Sector for External Relations and Public Information of UNESCO . President of INJA, Mr. Gunaraj Luitel, from INJA headquarter Washington D.C., Vice President Mr. Sunil Mani Dahal jointly released the video. Similarly, Mr. Manarishi Dhital the coordinator from Australia, Mr Tanka Panta coordinator of Asia from Kathmandu (Nepal), Miss Anuradha Paudel coordinator of Europe from France, Mr Bhupendra Thapa Coordinator of United States from Washington D.C., and Mr Kismat Bhandari Coordinator of Canada from Toronto released the video respectively.

The messengers of the specific videos were, Ms. Komal Oli, Journalists, Popular singer and Member of Parliament, Mr. Govinda Acharya, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Ms. Yashoda Timsina, Commissioner of Nepal information Commission, Mr. Yogesh Upadhyaya and Mr. Ramchandra Kharel , Patron committee of INJA, Dr. Tara Niraula, Dr. Durga Dahal, Dr. Gopi Upreti, Dr. Manju Mishra, Prof. Ramkrishna Regmi, advisors of INJA, journalists from worldwide and the juniors from friends of INJA respectively. 

INJA has provided its mandatory to the theme of UNESCO in society and media: “Connect, Educate and Inspire”. The video message hopes to inspire all the people involved in journalism. It also requests to help and work together to fulfill INJA’s objectives to move forward. The nonprofit social movements of INJA, such as protecting the rights of journalists and training to build their capacity for professionalism, asks support and help to all. 

Moreover, INJA treats the autocratic movements of governments against the free speech and press freedom. The government must respect the freedom of press in practice. It states, if government avoids to respect the free press, INJA shall make solidarity against it worldwide. 

INJA entreated to share and display this special videos to all worldwide. The visual messages from 78 personalities including the mass media actors from INJA, journalists, doctors, professors, students, intellectuals and professional from different part of the world. INJA has now, spread its chapters in worldwide in United States, Europe, Australia and Asia respectively. 

School Students and Friends of INJA wishes on the 26th World Press Freedom Day! 

Wishes from Women Journalists and INJA Supporters  on the 26th World Press Freedom Day!