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Photo by: Bimal Nepal

Photo by: Bimal Nepal

Last month, we launched an INNJA Networking Instagram page where we will share stories and posts about our content. To help fill our feed with beautiful images, we are looking for outstanding photojournalists to submit their work to be featured on our page.

Every month we will select a new photojournalist to spotlight their work. We may also set a theme for the month and collect photos on that topic. On our Instagram page we will share the photos, a few sentences about the work and a link to the photographer’s portfolio.

This open call for applications is open to photographers at all levels — from students to professionals. We will use this platform to amplify the work of photojournalists from different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and geographies.

To apply to be featured, please send your interest via email : We will get in touch if we need any more information.

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By Rajiv Shrestha

Fashion Photography by Rajiv Shrestha

By Kharel Babu

Nature photography by Kharel Babu

photo journalism in nepali diaspora: Promoting Nepali Culture


"Katha Nalapani Ko" a patriotic documentary film  jointly organized by INJA, INLS-DC Committee and NRNA VA Chapter 

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Heritage Nepal Festival 2019 organized by America Nepal Society (ANS) 

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