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International Network for Nepali Journalists (INNJA) is a non-profit umbrella organization that represents journalists of Nepalese origin who work and live around the world including USA. INNJA provides a platform for journalists of Nepali origin scattered all over the globe and offers them resources to network. INNJA is a Washington DC based organization and; its primary objective is to act as a research-based resource center that can facilitate, promote and strengthen the quality of media, media persons and the press in Nepal and abroad.



  1. To unite all Nepali origin journalists from all over the world. 
  2.  To stimulate high standards, ethical behavior and excellence in the practice of journalism. 
  3. To inspire and support talented Nepali youth individuals to become dedicated journalists. 
  4. To encourage diversity in journalism. 
  5. To establish and promote relationship with national and international organization related with journalism. 
  6. To maintain friendly relationship with member journalists working in USA and other countries by creating chapters around the world 
  7. To engage in the development of a responsible and accountable social-community-professional media activism. 
  8. To conduct study, investigation, seminars, trainings, symposium etc. on subjects related to journalism & mass communication. 
  9. To learn, pursue and implement new ideas and innovations. 
  10.  To work with intellectuals, professionals, experts and social activists for the authenticity, trust and integrity of the modern era journalism.    
  11. To establish, maintain, operate and conduct a training center relating to international journalism by delivering educational resources for teaching, learning in this area, as well as organizing a mentoring program for journalists in media domain. 
  12. To educate the public by offering courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and interactive events on the relevant issues.
  13. To contribute to the advancement of education by offering study scholarships, prizes, fellowships and any other type of financial support to the needy fellow journalists and media community.

INNJA's Mission- How we work


In surface, INNJA is an international organization to connect the Nepali journalist from all around the world but in depth, it focuses the community journalism. INNJA is going to incorporate ‘friends of INNJA’ in national and local level to enhance the Community journalism, which is locally-oriented, professional news coverage that typically focuses on city neighborhoods, individual suburbs or small towns, rather than metropolitan, state, national or world news. INNJA will generate funds to promote community journalism. We are not only going to strengthen local media; we are thinking to mainstreaming the community media. In near future, INNJA will declare the areas for funding to promote community journalism.


The fastest growing electronic media brought a revolution in media sector. It made easier to disseminate the information within a second, but it rose a question that are media are disseminating accurate, balance and credible news. Mostly in developing countries, many online media are doing yellow journalism or fake journalism. The technology is creating the different media before the government makes rules and regulation. Before trusting any news, the reader should be double check the authenticity of the news. Readers or audience are not believing the media. This is not a good situation for real journalism. So, it needs to be categorized which are news media, and who is journalist? Blogs, and YouTuber site should be kept outside from the news media. INNJA would like to create forum to promote the real journalism and lead the movement to real media and fake media. INNJA will try to provide expertise the government to draft rules and regulation for establishing ethical journalism.


INNJA is going make three types of network. The first network is global network of Nepalese journalist from all over the world. The second network is ‘Friends of INNJA’ in local level. The third network is to attach INNJA with world’s organization who are currently working for professional journalism. The third type of network will be created to fulfill the purpose of INNJA. 


INNJA is advocating media freedom and ethical journalism in parallel way. Without freedom, media will be disable, and without ethics, people rejects media. So, INNJA will work to create such situation where media can enjoy freedom but it needs to be complete ethical.


The media should carry plurality of voices, opinions and analyses. Media is only medium, so it should be connected with every layers of the community to know the real voices. Every community are diverged, so to reach the real ground, news room needs to be inclusive. INNJA will play a role for media pluralism and inclusive news room.

Media pluralism defines the state of having a plurality of voices, opinions and analyses on media system (internal pluralism) or the coexistence of different and diverse types of medias and media support


INNJA's Ethics


Seek Truth, protect the privacy of individuals

This includes fact-checking, not intentionally distorting information, identifying sources, avoiding stereotypes, and supporting the open exchange of opinions. This also includes demonstrating compassion for sources and subjects of stories and protecting the privacy of individuals. Interestingly, the code makes no prohibition to interfere with national security.


Act Independently, Avoid conflicts of interest

This includes avoiding conflicts of interest and corruption, and resisting the attempts of advertisers and special interests groups to influence the news.


Be Responsible and Accountable

This includes correcting mistakes, inviting criticism, and exposing unethical practices of the media.


President’s Letter


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Welcome to International Network for Nepali Journalists (INNJA) – an umbrella forum of Nepali origin Journalists living/working around the world aiming to strengthen journalism.  INNJA provides networking, resource and forum for Nepali origin journalists.   

We work to build trust in news media through networking, training, education and research because we believe that fact-based communications delivered by well-trained and ethical media professionals are essential to help people better understand the world around them.

Journalism everywhere is under attack. In the face of unscrupulous politics, the scourge of fake news and online hate, and the self-serving spin of public relations, we believe everyone who is committed to truth, honesty and decency in the news should stand up for ethics and for the future of journalism.

Journalism makes a positive difference in people’s lives. It promotes understanding of complex events. It brings people together. It opens the door to dialogue and peace-building. Through quality journalism, people get the facts and information they can trust.

What you can do:

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  • Become a supporter of the International Network for Nepali Journalists  (INNJA)
  • Subscribe to our information service.
  • Contact the INNJA Secretariat and share your ideas about how we can collaborate.

Thank you!
Guna Raj Luitel, President

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INNJA's Patrons & Committees


Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron

Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron

Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron


Mr. Yogesh Upadhyay, Patron

Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron

Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron


INJA Committees

Mr. Ram C Kharel, Chief Patron

INJA Committees

Meet Senior Vice President-INNJA SECRETARIAT


Sunil M Dahal- Sr. VP, INNJA-Secretariat

Sunil is the Financial compliance expert for the US Government, Multilateral, Bilateral and Philanthropic donors holding more than 22 years of professional experience on project management and Operation and financial management of an International non-profit organization. Besides his professional carrier, Sunil is a freelance Nepali writer holds Senior Vice President of INNJA Secretariat. Sunil has huge writing experience with great variety in topics and consistency in content quality. Sunil leads the organization as the main contact person for donors, stakeholders and INNJA team. He also leads the INNJA team for fund raising, publication and promotion, policy and guidance and INNJA’s website management.  


 If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact  Sunil M Dahal  at info@injaglobal.org 

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